Sunday, September 15, 2013


Photo (and tests) taken Saturday September 7, 2013   

That's right folks, this mama is indeed pregnant! After almost two and half years of trying to expand our family things are finally going well. As of today (9/15/13) I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and have been to the doctor for labs twice now. We went for blood test to confirm pregnancy and was nicely surprised that even the blood test was positive. With my history of miscarriage and infertility they had my blood rechecked 48 hours later (hoping the original number would double) and it went from 103-250! More than doubled in less than 48 hours. I now go in on Wednesday the 18th for one last blood test to be sure the numbers are still rising, and then pending the results, finally see my  doctor for the first pregnancy exam and hopefully ultrasound :)

Most people dont see a doctor till 8-10 weeks but mine assured me that with my history, for peace of mind he will let me come in weekly if necessary for the whole first trimester. Based on my last menstural cycle, my estimated due date is May 3rd, which is coincidentally my Great Grandma's birthday. Of course this date probably will change once I have an ultrasound, but I'm guessing May 2014 Jaelynn will be a big sister.

 I probably wont share this with the whole world until I'm a good 18-20 weeks along, but I wanted to document the journey so I can look back and share the excitement with you all :)


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