Sunday, November 24, 2013

Long-Winded Update!

I know I update weekly with the gist of whats going on this week, and mind you I write them when I turn the next week (example:today Im officially 16 weeks,but I just ended with week 15 so I update on the week I just finished) but I haven't REALLY updated much other than here it goes!

Lets start with the morning sickness-it was outta control, with meds, with being hospitalized and nothing seemed to help. Its winding down (its still not fun, but more manageable) and I've lost a lot of weight the first trimester. Just in the last 4 weeks it was 8 lbs, but a grand total of 29lbs. The doctor isn't thrilled with it, but he's been on top of my labs to be sure there's no other issues and everything else looks perfect-so he just said to take it easy, snack often and drink lots. All stuff I was already doing :)

Exhaustion-its there! I cannot stay awake past 9pm and even that's pushing it! Although now during the day I get bursts of energy when I actually can be semi-productive, so that's nice till the energy wears off then I feel more tired than before, its a vicious cycle really. 

I have several pregnancy apps that I use and thankful for them because I thought I had this annoying cold that's never ending, but turns out its a pregnancy symptom to have nasal congestion...explains why no amounts of vitamin C seem to help but it doesn't get never know thought, I mean I do work with kiddos who are all almost always sick with something.

I did decide to do the first trimester screening (ultrasound and blood work) and after my hour long meeting with geneticist she encouraged me to get further testing done, because of family history. In the past I wasn't able to do most of the testing (after my losses) because of the cost, but now with the high risk pregnancy the insurance covered ALL of it.  I figured if nothing comes from it I at least have info to pass on to my kids someday so they dont have to stress and look for answers for years like I did. I didn't get all the tests back yet but the lovely doctor calls me weekly to check in and see how I'm doing or if I have any questions. I also met with the high risk doctor, hes so nice and helped answer my questions and reassured me that my craziness/anxiety is normal. I see him again along with my normal OBGYN on Dec 6th.

Last but not least I have my offficial anatomy scan on Christmas Eve morning! Justin and Jaelynn will get to come and "meet" the baby for the first time. With Justin's crazy work/school schedule he hasnt been able to come to any of the appointments so this will be super exciting for all three of us! At my last ultrasound they said if they had to guess then, that it would be a boy, BUT I'm not convinced so I'm going to wait till that day before I go buy anything blue for baby :)  

Sorry this was so long winded, but heres an update on baby Rogers' growth :)

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