Saturday, October 12, 2013

Look How I've Grown!

First photo at 4/5 weeks along ....   second photo about 6/7 weeks along ...   third photo about 9/10 week along

Its crazy to see it side by side-this is all from the last MONTH! Talk about growth spurt ;) Baby is now close to an inch and a half long!!! I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday and all is going well, so well that I dont have to go back for 4  while weeks...this means I am to the point of pregnancy where my doctor is comfortable not seeing me as often which is good but so scary at the same time! I guess its time to breathe a little, enjoy the nausea and hope and pray for the best.

As for babe, the heart rate was 176 and the babe was moving around like crazy. I'm consistently measuring bigger so they officially changed my due date from May 22nd to May 11th, which is also Mothers' Day :) A week doesnt seem like a big deal but for me it is, it means I am one week closer to 12 weeks, a week closer to viability and a week closer(hopefully) to meet him or her.

We got the folder full of goodies with all sorts of info about pregnancy, labor and delivery-seems so surreal now! I havent really looked through it much, but I know it includes all the prenatal testing info, birthing classes and birthing suite tours. I should probably look through all of it now that Im thinking about it.

My next appointment is November 8th and by then we would have already done family photos announcing the newest addition and the rest of the world will know soon enough! Itll be interesting to finally make these public and not have to watch how I word things around people hah

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