Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Prenatal Appointment Scheduled!

*happy dance, happy dance*

Ive talked a lot about hCG levels and how they need to rise, blah blah blah....well mine rose, again! (great news)Monday the 16th they were1090 and then Monday the 23rd they rose to 12,832 so the nurse gave me the go ahead to schedule my first official prenatal appointment. Im guessing I'm between 7-8weeks, according to the pregnancy apps on my phone, so should be able to see the sweet pea and a healthy heartbeat

Needless to say Im over the moon excited, anxious and nervous! Think everything is still going fine, based on my countless trips to bathroom and never enough tums to keep my tummy happy, but this is all GREAT signs that baby is growing and getting comfy. He/she has about 32 weeks to go, so better stay put!
Friday at 10:45am I will finally see the doctor, get another ultrasound and go over my pregnancy plan of attack! Ill keep you all posted :) 

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